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In your precious memory Shawna Kathleen Hunter .  Born July 20, 1982 at a whopping 5 lbs and 15 ozs.She passed away on March 28, 2003 at the age of 20.  May you place your angel wings around us all and hold us tight until we are home with  you once again. I love you more than you could of ever known.  Love Mom This site was created for all of those that love Shawna and her memory. I wanted to create something that would give those that want to, an opportunity to acknowledge her in the only way we can. To speak of her as only they would know how because of the memories that they share with her. I want her family and friends to be able to reach out to her. To talk to her. We know she is home  now with her  precious heavenly father. As she looks down upon us please know that she will wrap her beautiful angel wings around you and hug you and make you smile with the thought of her as only she could do. Her laughter was contagious, her eyes could pierce you to the depth of your soul. She loved with passion and had a zest for life that anyone could see. She left her child in our care, to watch her grow into a beautiful young woman just as she was. I will continue to post pictures as Shyanne grows, you will see Shawnas reflection in the same piercing blue eyes as she had. If you watch over the years you will  watch Shawna's beautiful daughter grow each and every day. Then one day when Shyanne is an adult, she willl be able to look back at this site and know just how much her Mother was truly LOVED!!

Understanding what you can’t understand about the grieving parent: 

♦ Unless you have lost a child, no you don’t understand my pain, so please do not say so. Even family and friends, as much as they loved your child, still have no idea what the parent is going through. 

♦ Event’s such as weddings, anniversaries, holiday, birthdays, and other events and gatherings are incredibly hard to deal with, and may be for months, years, possibly forever. Never judge, or become impatient. The grieving parents know when they are ready for events such as this. Family and friends need to be understanding, and realize life as it was before the child died, no longer exists. Therefore you will find grieving parents no longer wish to celebrate as they did in the past when their child was alive. New traditions are often made, as the old ones are too hard to continue on with. Some may choose to not celebrate at all. 

♦ The day that your loved ones child died, the parents life as they knew It died too. Life will never be the same for the family, especially for the parents, so don’t expect It too be. 

♦ Grief is an individual process. There is no right or wrong way. No time limit, and the grieving parent will never get over it. 

♦ People may expect that grief will lessen in an orderly fashion when, especially for parents of deceased children, grief often worsens over time or recurs, dramatically and painfully, years after the loss. 

♦ Grief counseling, therapy, and support groups are statistically not a commonly used option for grieving parents. If needed they are very useful, but again, each parent will grieve differently. Outside help is often found in friends, family, or the community. Do not insist your loved one seeks outside help. 

♦ Respecting a grieving parents wishes when decisions are to be made surrounding the deceased child, is crucial! Many parents feel all they have left is the planning of their child’s funeral, choosing where their child will be laid to rest, and planning and attending events scheduled in honor of their child. Often family members feel they are experiencing a great loss too, and feel left out, but unfortunately the grieving parents wishes and needs must come first. Others must respect those decisions. 

♦ A change in a grieving parents personality is normal, and can be permanent. It is normal for depression to set in, and is only dangerous if it is having profound affects on their personal life. Example, no longer able to work due to lack of sleep or interest, substance abuse, physically harming themselves or others, noticeable decrease in personal hygiene and care for other children, no longer wanting to be with spouse. A drop in mood, or energy is not something to be alarmed by. 

♦ Family members should not look to the grieving parent for support. Loved ones often feel helpless and alone and forgotten about after a child in the family has passed away. Grief is one of the #1 stressors an individual can endure in their lifetime, especially when it involves losing a child. Turn to other family members for support. Often times the grieving parent does not want to talk, and will want to be left alone, mainly due to added stress when exposed to the demand of family and friends. 

♦ The grieving parent needs support, respect, and understanding. It is crucial that family and friends shelter their loved ones from any unnecessary stress and trauma if at all possible. It is unfortunately rather common for persons in the grieving process to be the victim of sudden illness, as serious as a heart attack, or even death due to the level of stress. 

♦ Family and friends may have to step in and help care for any children, such as siblings of the deceased child. Caring for young children during the initial stages of the grieving process can be nearly impossible at times. 

♦ It is said that in a time such as this, the loss of ones child, it will quickly be made apparent who is going to be supportive and who is not. This is the hardest event your loved one will most likely endure in their lifetime, and it is often difficult for others to understand and continue to stay supportive. Remember, the grieving parent will never be able to put into words what they are feeling, so except that you will never understand, and decide if you are able to still be supportive. 

♦ Their child may have passed away, but they are still that child’s parent.

My Mom is a Survivor

My Mom is a survivor,
or so I've heard it said.
But I can hear her crying at night 
when all others are in bed.
I watch her lay awake at night
and go to hold her hand.
She doesn't know I'm with her
to help her understand.
But like the sands on the beach
that never wash away . . .
I watch over my surviving mom,
who thinks of me each day.
She wears a smile for others . . .
a smile of disguise!
But through Heaven's door I see
tears flowing from her eyes.
My mom tries to cope with death
to keep my memory alive.
But anyone who knows her knows
it is her way to survive.
As I watch over my surviving mom
through Heaven's open door . . .
I try to tell her that angels
protect me forevermore.
I know that doesn't help her . . .
or ease the burden she bears.
So if you get a chance, go visit her . . .
and show her that you care.
For no matter what she says . . .
no matter what she feels.
My surviving mom has a broken heart
that time won't ever heal


We're alike, you and I
We've never met
Our faces would be those of strangers
if we met
We would barely perceive the other's presence
If we passed on our walk through the mists
We're unknown to each other
Until the terrible words have been spoken

We're alike, you and I
We measure time in seconds and eternities
We try to go forward to yesterday
Tomorrows are for the whole people,
And we are incomplete now
The tears after a time turn inward
To become invisible to all save you and me
Our souls are rumpled from wrestling with demons.
And doubts and unanswerable prayers.

We're alike, you and I.
The tears that run down your face are
my tears
And the wound in your soul is my pain too.
We need time, but time is our enemy
For it carries us farther and farther
From our lost child
And we cry out;

We're alike, you and I.
And we need each other
Don't turn away, but give me your hand
And for a time we can cease to be strangers
And become what we truly are,
A family closer than blood.

United by a bond that was forced upon us---
But a bond that can make us stronger,
Still wounded and not to sure,
But stronger for our sorrows are shared.

~ by Judy Dickey ~

~ Don't Cry For Me ~

Don't cry for me, Dear family and friends
for I have gone on home;
Death to me was just a door,
to bring me before God's throne.

I'm living now with Jesus,
my Savior, and Lord, and friend;
Don't cry for me, Dear family and friends,
for my life has not come to an end

I've run the race with endurance
and finished all I was to do;
And when your days on earth are done
then God will call you too

In heaven there is no sorrow
no suffering nor pain;
Don't cry for me, Dear family and friends,
for someday we'll meet again.

Just live every day for Jesus,
to Him be faithful and true;
Hold fast and endure to the end,
I'll be waiting to welcome you.

© Cheryl Martinez (Jesse's Grandma) -

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Tributes and Condolences
14 years have passed   / Kathy Conrad (Mom)
so many things have happened in life. The hurt the pain the laughs the smiles. Everything I see or do I look for you. Your daughter has grown into a beautiful young lady. She's so much like you it's scary. She has your laugh your smile your eyes and ...  Continue >>
A letter to my daughter in heaven   / Kathy Conrad (mom)
Thirty one years ago they handed you to me in the operating room. Your Dad could do nothing but stare at your beauty; on the other hand all I wanted to do was hold you. Your raven black hair and beautiful round face looking back at me melted my heart...  Continue >>
Happy 30th Birthday   / Kathy Cornad (Mom)
Today you would of been 30 years old. I often wonder and dream of how things would of been. I miss our talks and all the fun we had laughing in the middle of the night or wrapping presents until wee hours of the morning while Samantha slept on Christ...  Continue >>
For a Beautiful Woman   / Ashley's Mom (Sue) (Angel Friend )
For you sweet Shawna, be with your family today,                         they need you.
Your angelversary is today March 28, 2006   / Mom (mother)
In your memory  / Mom     Read >>
March 28th 2006  / Mom, Sami And Shy (mom,sister,daughter)    Read >>
For Shawna  / Gina/Wesleys Mum     Read >>
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WE DID IT!!!!  / Kathy (Mom)    Read >>
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Thinking of you today!  / Keena Killians Mommy     Read >>
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Her legacy
Shawna's Eulogy  
Shawna was always relentless when it came to getting what she wanted. A simple thing like being held on your lap was something she craved a lot of as a baby.

If Shawna wanted anything you would know it because she was either extremely loud or had a very persistent whine. You couldn’t help but love her and give in. Especially when it came time to eat, she loved macaroni and cheese and Lasagna. Her favorite color was purple, and of course her first two bikes had to be purple as well as most of her clothes.

When she was little she loved her French braids and her tomboyish clothes. She was the kind of kid that loved to climb a tree, but always wanted to do it in a dress. Skinned knees were the normal for her. She would put on her hiking boots and flannel shirts to sit with her tea set. She was always a hit with the boys because she had a fierce right hook and could throw a ball with the best of them. That would be one of the reasons that her Mom wouldn’t let her hit on her brothers. It certainly didn’t seem to scare the boys away as she got older though.

Shawna always wanted to have a little sister, She used to tell her Mom that she would say her prayers every night to have that little sister. Mom always said, “Shawna honey that is not possible” Mommy can’t have any more babies. Guess what? As usual. Shawna once more got what she wanted,, a little sister.

She always had a love for all kinds of animals. She aspired to be a “vegetarian”, or veterinarian as we all know it, There was never a fear of any kind of animal and she was always wanting to bring home a stray no matter what it was. That was why “Mom” ended up getting a kennel license, to house all Shawna’s pets

As she got older she began to grow into a beautiful young woman. Her mom was always worried about letting her go anywhere. Shawna was always very trusting of everyone she met, even a bit naïve most of the time. It seemed to be what drew people to her most of her life.

Shawna came to a point when she had a beautiful daughter of her own and that was her passion for the last 17 months. Shyanne was her light and her heart and at times what kept her going on those “bad days” as she always called them. It seemed as though in her most difficult moments as long as Shyanne laughed or smiled at her she could get through each and every moment. She was a free spirit and loved life. There was never a dull moment with Shawna around.

If you knew Shawna at all you knew that she was very well known for the girl that always wore a smile. No matter what life handed her that smile was always there!

Shawna honey,,I know you can hear us,,so
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